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Released January 13, 2021

“Love is perfect. Until it’s broken.”

Physically mistreated by her spouse, Jennifer Tadlock changes her appearance, runs, and is hiding out in a home for abused women when she’s hired by Sheri Jenkins, owner of Serenity Cove, a bed-and-breakfast inn.

As Jennifer begins to relax in an apartment provided by Sheri and her husband Bradley, she longs to get her own identity back, but an ominous phone call from her estranged husband results in a setback of profound fear and insecurity.

Paul Mixon, a young, handsome landscaping contractor, who lost the love of his life to cancer two years before, is also employed by the inn. He’s made it through crippling grief at last and begins to think of dating, marrying, and raising a family when Jennifer catches his eye.

While Paul waits for Jennifer to be legally free from her abusive husband, he ponders how to persuade her to take a chance on love again. First, he must prove she’ll be physically safe in his care. But will she ever trust another man with her heart?

Released May 7, 2020.

The heart reveals what the mind cannot fathom.

As a lawyer, Sheri Smith has a heart for victims of injustice, the abused, and the poor who are unable to afford professional help.

After losing a custody case that emotionally devastates her, Sheri’s pain is exacerbated by grief over the death of her beloved grandparents who raised her. She leaves the legal system and goes home to pursue a lifelong dream of turning their estate in southern Alabama into an upscale bed-and-breakfast inn and resort.

Bradley Jenkins has been Sheri’s best friend since first grade when they lived on adjoining acreage, roamed the woods, fished the streams, swam in the creek pool, and lived the perfect childhood. He returns home from Atlanta and opens an architectural business in the nearest town. Bradley harbors a desire to be more than friends, but Sheri adamantly refuses to be romantically involved with a bestie who seems more like her brother… Until a beautiful and sexy office assistant brings out the secrets of Sheri’s deep-seated hang-ups and makes her second guess her ideals and desires.


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Released March 15, 2018

Book 1 in Linda’s Wheels of Home series.

Larabeth McCall has too much idle time since the youngest of her two daughters joined her sister in college. Blessed with an innate love of the great outdoors, Larabeth craves to explore nature in a motor home. But the empty-nest doldrums become the least of her worries as she awaits the results of a recent biopsy. With breast cancer having claimed lives in her family for the previous two generations, she has every reason for concern.

Unlike his wife, Elton McCall is not the adventurous sort but reconsiders her request to travel after he’s threatened with the possibility of losing the love of his life. He purchases a luxury motor home, leaves his business in his partner’s hands, and sets out with Larabeth to fulfill her dream on “The Taj McCall.” Surprisingly, Elton begins to enjoy the life-changing journey.

Wind, rain, sleet, and snowstorms aside, Elton’s sudden health issues create havoc and complicate their travel plans. An anxious Larabeth learns valuable lessons about people, poverty, and purpose—that God provides guardian angels, puts the needy in her path, and has a plan for her.


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Released September 6, 2016

In Truth & Southern-Fried Fiction, Linda Robinson has compiled a book of her favorite short stories, written over a period of six years. Whether penned for her local Writers’ Forum assignments, to capture moments in time, or just for fun, her tales are bound to captivate and leave you wanting more. In truth or fiction, her southern roots and unique voice add an amusing facet. 

The author writes relatable stories that address controversial social issues or portray the immeasurable pain of deep loss. Others encourage renewal of faith and hope. She shares true personal memories of days gone by, and her Herman and Nellie stories—satires on aging and memory loss—are lighthearted fun, sure to become your favorites.


Book 1 of the Faith & Family Series Released August 8, 2014.

Is it possible for two teenaged girls from completely different backgrounds to forge a lasting friendship—a relationship strong enough to endure life-altering events?

Beautiful, ambitious, and spoiled high school sophomore Natalie Hudson aims for a veterinarian career, but she is bored with school and a lack of challenge. Her secret admiration for handsome senior Trevor Casey may complicate any future plans. She agrees to an innocent romantic meeting that becomes a horribly violent night. An evening Natalie will not soon forget teaches her a lesson that affects every future decision she makes.

Tori Rhodes comes from a broken home, and her dreams and desires are simple—to be loved, become a wife and mother, and have a blissful life with a model family like Natalie’s. But Tori’s history of making wrong choices about sex, drugs, and alcohol hinders her hopes of a happy life.

Set in 1987 on a Southern plantation in Vicksburg, Mississippi, Natalie’s Choices depicts teenage angst, family relationships, and the consequences of both right and wrong choices. Can Natalie and Tori’s friendship endure the endless trials life throws at them? 


Book 2 of the Faith & Family Series released December 10, 2014.

A tragic accident crushes high school senior Natalie Hudson’s spirits, jeopardizes her chances of graduating, and threatens her faith.

Though she’s excited to move away to college, she soon suffers severe homesickness and questions her decision to leave the protection of her home and loving family, even for the veterinarian career she covets.

Natalie experiences horrifying events and learns valuable lessons not taught in a college classroom. Will the student she’s attracted to become her best and most-trusted friend, or is he her stalker? Will she defy her daddy’s wishes and marry the man of her dreams before her education is complete?

Natalie’s Commitments, Book Two in author Linda Robinson’s faith and family trilogy, will keep you on the edge of your seat, praying Natalie can live up to her commitments.


Book 3 of the Faith & Family Series released September 1, 2015.

Natalie Hudson—daughter of doting parents, college student preparing for a career in veterinary medicine, and fiancée of the perfect friend and companion—couldn’t be happier. Until her idyllic world is shaken by unexpected news and circumstances.

Nicholas, her betrothed, asks to postpone their wedding for reasons she can’t understand. Is Natalie being selfish if she gives Nicholas the boot, abandons the Christian Triple C group, and spends time with a new male friend who desires more than friendship?

Natalie soon discovers her new life is nothing like she has always dreamed it would be. The angst and trials of her teen years seem trivial compared to the struggles of adulthood with its many choices, commitments, and consequences.

Will the man Natalie once called the love of her life become her husband and father her children? Or is the term soul mate a fantasy too? Join Natalie as she faces the challenges and life-altering events of an adult in a real world rife with stormy clouds and turbulent temptations.


Book 2 of the Love Abounds Series released December 2012. (Contact me to purchase.)

Seventeen-year-old Nathan Hudson dreams of escaping his life and family. More than anything, he wants to be his own boss and never again have to answer to another person. When he manages to do just that—by sneaking out and hitching a ride to the next town—he vows he’ll never go home again. All alone, with no money, no possessions, and barely an elementary-level education, he sets out on a lengthy journey that takes him zigzagging across the continent for more than a decade.

In his search for happiness as a runaway teen, hobo, migrant worker, and common laborer, he travels the scenic miles, enjoying the views and excitement, yet secretly longing and searching for contentment and unconditional love. When he finally settles down and makes a home for himself in Chicago, his restless spirit doesn’t allow him peace for very long. And before he has time to enjoy a true home, his irresponsibility, jealousy, and uncontrolled anger leads him down a path from which there is no return. Nathan loses the best thing that has ever happened to him. Near destruction, he comes to the end of himself—only to find that the answer to his peace and purpose has been within his grasp all along.

Join Linda Robinson, author of When Love Abounds, as she takes you on another historical trip across America in the 1950s and 60s in Rails of Freedom, the second novel in her Love Abounds series.

“Linda Robinson has proven herself to be adept at creating living, breathing characters on the page. She makes us care about what happens in her fictional world while giving us insight into Nathan Hudson’s journey to find not only his place in life—but his faith in life. Story telling is universal, whether around a hobo campfire or between strangers riding the rails in boxcars in 1956. We’re all looking for a good story, a yarn, and a space of time when we’re taken out of our lives and transported someplace else. When Nathan asks his friend Lefty to tell him a story, he says, ‘Tell it so good I’ll think I was there, too.’ That is exactly what Ms. Robinson has done in Rails of Freedom.”

—Cindy Kelley, screenwriter for The Velveteen Rabbit and Love Comes Softly, co-author of The Silent Gift, Traces of Mercy, and Finding Mercy.



Book 1 of Love Abounds Series released December 2010. (contact me to purchase)

Lou Ellen’s life is filled with luxuries, comfort, and love. She has a nice house, a beautiful garden, and a husband and family who adore her. She should be happy. So why is she left with indefinable feelings that something is left unfinished? In search of answers, Lou Ellen must journey back into her past, reliving memories from her childhood and beyond. What she vividly recalls is alternately poignant, humorous, sweet, and painful.

Life wasn’t always easy. As a girl, she had to overcome poverty, constant rejection, loneliness, and criticism. She learned to succeed through hard work and bore responsibility that was well beyond her years. And against all odds, she met the challenges life presented.

Through her faith and hope, she grew to become motivated, happy, and blessed with a love that defies explanation. As she sifts through the events that have shaped her life and the woman she has become, Lou Ellen looks for the key to her contentment, finding that When Love Abounds, there’s always hope for the future.

“Ms. Robinson has penned a novel that is both heartwarming and filled with faith. Through Lou Ellen’s journey of self-discovery, she offers hope and insight that can benefit us all!” Cindy Kelley, screenwriter for The Velveteen Rabbit, Love Comes Softly, co-author of The Silent Gift, Traces of Mercy, and Finding Mercy.