Count Life’s Blessings, Not Woes

I’m sure you’re all as tired of the pandemic as I am. Sadly, we’ve lost some dear friends to the monster Covid, but we’ve escaped, so far. It taught me much. I’ve learned to be content with whatever life brings. I’m at that age. But I can’t say I’ve always had that frame of mind. As the years go by, I count my blessings, not my woes. There are more doctor visits, more therapy sessions, and more visits from the the dratted “Arthur Rightus.” But when each trial comes and goes, we thank the Lord for seeing us through.

On another positive note, I used the mostly-stay-home time this year to write Love’s Legacy, the third book of Serenity Cove, my latest contemporary romance series, which should release in January, 2022.

Though my husband had to have a pacemaker this year, he still raised a garden and took care of the yard. And all arthritis issues for both of us aside, we’ve both happily trudged onward, thankful we still can. Life is good. Embrace it. God is Good.

Author: Linda Robinson

I'm a reader, writer, and flower gardener. I blog, critique manuscripts with my writing partners, and love my furbabies.

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